Avec Eric
a culinary journey with eric ripert
“I was thinking like a home cook who invited friends to my home for a simple meal, following the seasons and using those ingredients to create one amazing experience that would allow me to mingle, eat and drink with my guests. The recipes and ingredients always reflect a place and the inspiration I took away from that place.”

– Eric Ripert

Inside the world of Le Bernardin. The stations, the heat, the cooks, the costs, the chaos and the triumphs.
By Eric Ripert and
Christine Muhlke
“An unprecedented look into the creative process of one of the world’s best chefs”

– Anthony Bourdain
By Eric Ripert and
Michael Ruhlman
Four-Star Simplicity from the Restaurant Zagat Survey Ranks Top for Food and Service in New York.
By Eric Ripert and
Maguy Le Coze