Episode 01

On The Table presents the dynamic duo of Eric Ripert and Anthony Bourdain. Watch as these two get together to cook a manly Portuguese Seafood Stew and talk about life, cooking, sex, drugs and rock and roll. Oh, and of course they enjoy an array of drinks from beer to red wine to Anthony's favorite, bourbon. 

on the table with mario batali

Episode 02

Mario Batali parks his Vespa right in Eric Ripert's NYC kitchen and lays it all On The Table - spices, sauces and couscous for his signature dish — Two-Minute Calamari: Sicilian Lifeguard Style. Mario shares with us his history as a chef — including life under the Marco Pierre White (for whom Mario has a few choice words). ""I went in the back and may have shed a tear, then I took two big handfuls of salt and threw it in the mother sauce..."Cin-Cin, Mother F***er."

ON THE TABLE WITH stanley tucci

Episode 03

“Food, like film, is performance. Both are dramatic, romantic, spectacular or sad,” says Eric Ripert. Join him and guest Stanley Tucci as they start the day with vodka martinis, prepare lemon risotto and whole branzino, talk about their childhoods, quip over how actors are like chefs, and then enjoy the final dish.


Episode 04

Just Desserts host and Top Chef judge, Gail Simmons joins Eric Ripert to chat and cook up some Welsh Rarebit on episode 4 of On The Table. This egg and Guinness based recipe is great for hangovers, especially when paired with a tequila based Bloody Maria. 

ON THE TABLE WITH roger waters

Episode 05

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters tells Eric Ripert his uncensored opinion on everything from the 2012 U.S. Election to the Patriot Act to personal greed to being an ardent atheist. The mood isn’t always serious as both share some good wine, cook a langoustines appetizer, shrimp tacos with salsa, and steak au poivre main course.

ON THE TABLE WITH marcus samuelsson

Episode 07

Eric Ripert invites Marcus Samuelsson, owner and chef of the Red Rooster in Harlem and former head chef of Aquavit, to cook up some Ethiopian, Swedish, and Asian fusion.

ON THE TABLE chrissy teigen

Episode 08

Supermodel and talented cook Chrissy Teigen joins Eric Ripert in the kitchen to teach him how to stir up a spicy Thai Jok Moo and Yum Nua salad.


Episode 09

Actress Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene) joins Chef Eric Ripert to learn how to cook Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragu and talk about food, acting, and growing up in a famous family. They talk about hanging out on the set of Full House, deciding to be an actor at a young age, and studying in Russia and at NYU. Eric introduces Elizabeth to some new cooking techniques and they discuss the enjoyment of cooking and sharing food with friends.


Episode 10

Author Jay McInerney visits Eric Ripert’s kitchen to enjoy wine and prepare Braised Lamb Shanks. They discuss the life experiences that have informed his writing, how drama and fame have affected his personal life, and the writers who have influenced him through his career. McInerney confides to Ripert about depression, tragedy, and the indulgences of his past.

ON THE TABLE wylie Dufresne

Episode 11

Wylie Dufresne joins Eric Ripert to demonstrate a whole new style of cooking with his poached egg consommé, as well as a summer Rhubarb cocktail on the side. They discuss why Dufresne became a chef, what motivated him to innovate using the science of cooking, and how he found creative inspiration.