Season 02,  Episode 01

Urbanna, Virginia, situated on the Rappahannock River just east of the Chesapeake Bay, was established in 1680 making it one of the oldest towns in America. Fish, oysters and crabs are plentiful and most of the fishing businesses here are multi-generational. My friend and chef, Jimmy Sneed knows this area well and once I explained to him that I wanted to learn about soft shell crabs, he knew just who to introduce me to.

catch & cook

Season 02,  Episode 02

Eric Ripert heads to the Cayman Islands to visit Blue, his restaurant, and serves up some fresh seafood. Heading out into the ocean, Eric goes fishing and catches some tuna as well as some conch to go with his dish. He also heads to the beach to cook Spiny Lobster for some friends.


Season 02,  Episode 03

Eric Ripert visits Tuscany to learn about the art of making and eating lardo. Along the way he enjoys fine wines, amazing meals and interesting concoctions. One of the most interesting concoctions is a Bacon Ice Cream. AVEC ERIC serves up an array of unique culinary inventions.

becoming a chef

Season 02,  Episode 04

The path that each cook takes to becoming a chef is different. My journey began in my home kitchen in the South of France where I was lucky to be influenced by both of my grandmothers. They cooked all the time and allowed me to be their “assistant.” Mostly that meant tasting rather than actually cooking, but now I know that tasting is one of the most important skills required to be a good cook.

cultivating taste

Season 02,  Episode 05

Eric visits a former chef colleague, now a farmer, whose mission is still all about taste and flavor.

cayman cookout

Season 02,  Episode 06

A chef’s job is much more than cooking in a restaurant. Eric travels to Grand Cayman for a grand cookout and grilling competition with his friend Anthony Bourdain and lots of laughs and great food.

Recipes from This Episode
Veggie Fried Rice

City harvest

Season 02,  Episode 07

Celebrity chef Eric Ripert doesn’t always cook in his 4-Star restaurant kitchen. Today, we’ll see him in action at City Harvest Mobile Market.

Recipes from This Episode
Barely Cooked Wild Salmon
Pistou Soup

building flavors

Season 02,  Episode 08

Top Chef judge, Eric Ripert, visits Surryano Ham in Virginia to learn about their organic and artisanal preparation methods. Eric tries his hand at the salting process of Surryano Hams. Later we visit Le Bernardin in New York to see how Eric and his Staff create a new dish for the restaurant. Lastly we meet Eric in his kitchen and learn how to prepare Pistou Soup with some delicious Surryano Ham.


Season 02,  Episode 09

Chefs Anthony Bourdain, Dean Fearing, Jose Andres, Grant Achatz and David Chang sit down with Eric Ripert to talk about the world of being a chef. Sharing stories from their childhood, moments in their life that define them as chefs and much more, these men give an insight into the life of a world class culinary expert.


Season 02,  Episode 10

Great food calls for great service. Eric visits the Culinary Institute of America.


Season 02,  Episode 11

Eric visits Polyface Farms in rural Virginia. Farmer Joel Salatin has worked for 40 years creating a green, sustainable farm raising cattle, chickens, and pigs.


Season 02,  Episode 12

Eric Ripert visits Ratna Ling, a Buddhist retreat and study center on the northern coast of California. While there, he enjoys a time of rest and relaxation as well as cooking an amazing vegetarian meal for the volunteer workers. Learn about the keys to making a quality vegetarian meal that is pleasing to the appetite on food.curated.


Season 02,  Episode 13

Eric visits the renowned Inn at Little Washington where Chef Patrick O’Connell shares his stories (and cooking) about how the dream of a restaurant became a reality.