Season 03,  Episode 01 | Into the Wild

The 'Top End' of Australia is home to crocodiles, wallabies, water buffalo and other wildlife that Eric encounters along his journey. Eric’s adventure starts by meeting local chef and jackaroo Lynton Tapp at Pee Wee’s at the Point in Darwin. Lynton takes him to a special spot at Wildman Wilderness Lodge before sending him along his way by boat up the Mary River then by helicopter to a remote fishing spot where he will try to reel in a prized barramundi...all the while avoiding becoming dinner himself.


Season 03,  Episode 02 | Feed the Soul

On episode 02, Eric ventures on a quest for spiritual enlightenment where he will have the rare privilege of learning the ancient cooking secrets of the Buddhist Monks and Nuns. The grounds of the Temple provide all the ingredients needed for their meals, and the dishes they prepare have healing properties that nourish the mind, body and soul. Inspired by the food that Eric cooks with the nun, Eric will prepare a Spicy Tomato Consommé.


Season 03, Episode 03 | Off the Vine

On this episode 03 of season 03, a version of a food and wine safari, sommelier Aldo Sohm tours Adelaide’s wine regions, sampling some of South Australia’s finest at Penfolds toD’Arenberg in the McLaren Vale, while Eric heads to Kangaroo Island and tastes the diverse offerings from local producers. The two share their adventures and some wine over an amazing dinner at Southern Ocean Lodge


Season 03, Episode 04 | Cave Cellars

The law of the land is food and wine paired perfectly together. Eric heads out into the Margaret River coastal region braving crashing waves and searching for abalone with Josh Whiteland whose family has inhabited the land for centuries. After visiting an Aboriginal cave dating back thousands of years, Eric continues his journey to the Aravina Estate, an impressive vineyard with chef Tony Howell that respects traditions in a modern setting.


Season 03, Episode 05 | Hot & Spicy

On his mission to explore the influence of Korean cuisine in the culinary world Eric seeks the counsel of famed New York chef David Chang. In Korea, Eric is taught how to make these cooking staples from the masters. The student becomes the teacher as Eric prepares Korean Style Shrimp Cioppino with Gochujang inspired by his journey.



Season 03, Episode 06 | Farm to Sydney

Realizing New South Wales is more than Sydney, Eric heads outside of the city to do some fishing and foraging and gets to cook kangaroo on the farm owned by one of Australia’s most heralded chefs James Viles of Biota. Venturing back to Sydney, a cosmopolitan and iconic city with world class dining, Eric pays a visit to Australia’s master of meat, Anthony Puharich at deluxe butchery Victor Churchill and enjoys one of his best meals ever at Sepia.