air date: 02/28/09 |  run time: 24:13
Season One,  episode 09
Eric visits Castello de Fonterutoli

Join Eric this week as he explores the fascinating parallels between olive oil and wine. We get an insider look at one of the regular olive oil blind tastings done at Le Bernardin to ensure that the restaurant is using the best oil to enhance the flavor of the dishes. Eric then travels to the Chianti region of Tuscany, which is known not just for its wine, but also its olive oil. We visit the Fonterutoli estate where they produce both wine and olive oil, and where Eric gets an up-close look at the process of making olive oil—which is not dissimilar to the process of making wine.

Back home, Eric is inspired by his journey to make a succulent chicken paillard with tomatoes, fennel and olives.