Puerto Rico - La Fiesta

Eric has been going to Puerto Rico for 30 years, to celebrate his adventures Eric decides to host a tribute to Puerto Rican culture. Eric meets with legendary master “Apa” Ramos to in the mountains off the Pork Highway to share his pig roasting techniques and secure the lechón for his party, and he travels to artisanal rum producer Ron del Barrilito to taste rums that will be served at the fiesta. Eric also finds time to make a stop at El Yunque, the vast jungle that covers a large portion of the countryside. As the sun begins to set the party heats up and Eric along with his friends celebrate over delicious food and live music from beloved local band Groupo Plenarium. Inspired by his travels through Puerto Rico Eric prepares Pan Roasted Pork Chop Encebollado with Rosemary Scented Bananas.

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