Puerto Rico - Surf's Up

Known more for its white beaches and calm turquoise waters, Puerto Rico also boasts what many consider the premiere surfing spot in the Caribbean. Eric, having visited the island annually for over 30 years, has never tried surfing so he heads to Rincon to ride some waves with friend and Yahoo! Travel Editor in Chief, Paula Froelich.

His coastal journey affords him the opportunity to sample delicious local foods while en route to meet up with his oldest friend and mentor, famed Chef Alfredo Ayala. Eric and Alfredo enjoy a picnic on the idyllic Gilligan’s Island where they dine on spiny lobsters that Eric has caught and rice and beans that Alfredo has prepared. This aquatic adventure inspires Eric to prepare Snapper w/ Sofrito Emulsion.


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Photography by Jason Goldwatch and Michaela McKee

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