air date: 8/5/10 |  run time: 9:18
Perfect Pairings,  episode 03
Many people like to serve a collection of cheeses at parties or before or after a meal. The classic beverage to serve with cheese is definitely wine but because cheese comes in so many textures and flavors, and the same can be said for wine, it is not so easy to just pair any wine with every cheese. In this “webisode,” Aldo and I dispel the myth that “any wine goes with cheese” by exploring a cheese board that is made up of three totally different cheeses—a fresh chevre (goat cheese), an aged cheddar and a very ripe, blue cheese. If we would have paired the same wine with each of these cheeses, it would have been a terrible experience but Aldo explains the reasoning behind each pairing and it makes total sense. I learned a lot during this tasting and I hope you do some wine and cheese experimentation on your own.

Wine in this episode: Iron Horse Chateau Guirand Sauternes ’05