air date: 9/23/10 |  run time: 2:51
Perfect Pairings,  episode 07
A general rule of thumb has always been to move toward a sweeter wine when serving spicy food. However, not all spice or heat in a recipe comes from the same source and of course what the spice is mixed with should be considered.

A little sweetness does coat the mouth and throat a bit and allows the spice to be tamed but in this segment I threw a challenge at Aldo by creating a spicy dish with scallops. Scallops have a sweetness of their own and are quite a rich ingredient so it is interesting to see what he thinks is the perfect pairing for the spicy scallop recipe.

Wines in this episode: Reisling Maximin Grunhauser Kabinett & Botani Muscat Seco ’08