air date: 7/29/10 |  run time: 3:53
Perfect Pairings,  episode 02
Many specialty markets carry very nice selections of salume or charcuterie, they are a wonderful way to start a meal or to have as light meal along with some cheese, bread and crackers. I also like to serve them as an appetizer when entertaining. One wine myth is that young wines don’t have the character to go up against a mixture of strong flavors. On a cured meat platter there is usually a wide variety of flavors and also the meats tend to be very rich because of all of the fat that is in them. Some may have peppercorns or fennel and some may have very spicy elements. It can be a challenge to find a wine to go with everything that is presented. In this episode of Perfect Pairings, Aldo Sohm proves that, with the right choice of wines that are light, but with some acidity and delicate fruit, it is possible to pair something like charcuterie with great success.

Wines in this episode: Bodegas Baigorri Crianza ’04Adega O Casal Novo Mencia ’07