air date: 7/22/10 |  run time: 2:48
Perfect Pairings,  episode 01
Perhaps one of the most common wine “rule” is “always pair white wine with fish.” During a visit to the Italian seaside town of Livorno for my show on PBS, Avec Eric, I ate the area’s classic fisherman’s stew called “cacciuco,” which is a seafood stew made with a red wine sauce. While the white wine that I drank with the stew was nice, I started wondering about which red wines I might choose to drink with a fish dish that has a rich sauce. Back in New York, Aldo and I did some tasting with a halibut in morel sauce paired with two different pinot noir wines. The results are delicious and interesting and made me excited to do some more exploration in dispelling some of the “wine rules” that are so common.

Wines in this episode: Pinot Noir Flowers ‘07 & Drouhin Gevrey Chambertin ‘05