air date: 12/2/10 |  run time: 4:20
Perfect Pairings,  episode 12
Perhaps the most common “wine myth” or “rule” is to always pair red meat with red wine. While that is often a nice thing to do, it is not always the rule. The point of these Perfect Pairing videos is to explore what is possible and the process of finding interesting and successful pairings. With red meats in particular, Aldo and I find that, depending on the meat and the recipe, there are some really nice qualities that white wine possesses that can work very well with red meat. Keep in mind that in addition to beef, red meat also includes duck and squab and of course the sauces that go with those meats need to be taken into consideration too. In this segment we find that some white wine characteristics, like fresh acidity with some fruit and also some mineral notes provide a lift and contrast to a heavy, red meat recipe.

Wines in this episode: Pinot Gris Reserve Romanus, Alsa